Boston Massachusetts and Coastal New England Region

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New England EB5 Development LLC  dba Americas Green Card EB5 Regional Center (AGCRC) is a forward thinking creative financing option for qualified, job-creating projects throughout Coastal New England. Focusing on investments in the Retail, Office, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Including many others. AGCRC can offer competitive lending rates to projects meeting its criteria. We are fine being in 2nd and 3rd position (project by project basis)  in capital stack where as traditional lenders will not.


To be eligible for a AGCRC  loan, projects should meet the following guidelines:

  • Projects shouldt have a $5 million loan minimum
  • Loans are structured as interest-only with a 5-year term with 2 (1) year extensions
  • Loans are secured with real estate or other physical improvements, Intelectual Property, or corporate guaranties, depending on the project and borrower
  • Projects must create at least 10 US jobs per every $500,000 invested. This can be both direct and indirect jobs. Indirect jobs are a calculation based on location, square footage, scope of the construction and final use.

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